The following are genuine testimonials and feedback from past clients. Names have been removed to protect confidentiality:

It hasn’t been easy for me but I know counselling has helped me to understand things better and to work things through.

Through counselling I have been able to understand more of why I struggle with depression and it has been a safe place where I can be me and express my emotions.

Thank you for accepting me, for supporting me, for reminding me of truth and for affirming me and building me up again and again.

Your support has been really valuable to me through a difficult time.

Growth and self-transformation cannot be delegated
Lewis Mumford

I now have a clearer understanding of myself and, although I am aware I still have a way to go, I can now begin to think about achieving my goals and feel more confident that I will be able to overcome my anxieties in order to do so.

You have given me a great start in highlighting and exploring my anxieties and I am very grateful to you for supporting me in working out the next step through which I can further explore these, and hopefully learn strategies to manage them. Once again, thank you for your support.

Thank you for always being so affirming and encouraging to me, I really do appreciate it.

You’ve been such a big help.

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